Boomerang Jars

Common Question:
What type of container should I bring?

Bring what makes you happy, what’s light, fits in your bag, won’t leak, etc – basically whatever works best for you. Buying in bulk is a little lawless!

We see people repurposing margarine tubs and dish soap or shampoo bottles as well as bringing mason jars and tupperware.  For our dispensers, shorter containers are a little less awkward, but we can make most anything work.  Look for the funnels for narrow neck bottles!

Did you forget your jars/containers? Hakuna Matata!  We have a selection of recycled “boomerang jars” on the cart (they come in, they go out, come in, go out… you get the idea!) They are all donated and all FREE!  Take as many as you like and feel free to keep them forever or bring them back and donate them again.  **Please only donate jars that are CLEAN and DRY.**