20oz Collapsible Water Bottle - Stojo

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20oz Collapsible Water Bottle

Available in Oat, Ink, and Berry

Make sustainable living easy with this silicone collapsible cup. Bring it with you to a yoga class or on the way to the airport. When you're done using your Stojo, simply collapse the cup and maximize your storage in your home, car, office, or backpack!



  • Collapsible, reusable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Insulated and leak-proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free from phthalates, leads, or glues
  • BPA-free lid and heat sleeve
  • LGFB certified silicone cup and tab


How to use:

> Fill Stojo with desired beverage.

> When finished, collapse Stojo, and stow away.

> To wash, reopen Stojo, separate parts, and place all parts in the dishwasher.


Why Support Stojo?

Stojo believes that sustainability shouldn't mean sacrifice. In 2012, three Brooklyn dads had the idea for a collapsible, leak-proof coffee cup that makes it accessible for everyday people to say goodbye to disposable culture and make sustainable living easy.

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