Amethyst Stone Sculpting Tool, Gua Sha

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Gua Sha (pronounced GWAH SHAH) is an ancient healing techique that entails lightly scraping the skin and can:

  • eliminate toxins
  • stimulate circulation
  • brighten complexion
  • helps produce collagen
  • reduce puffiness
  • decrease inflammation
  • softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve blood circulation
  • even out skin tone
  • improve elasticity of the skin
  • promote lymphatic drainage
  • reduce dark under eye circles
  • tighten and reduce pore size

PRO TIP: For extra healing, relaxation and inflammation reduction, place the stone in the refrigerator. Amethyst are naturally cooling, but this extra temperature drop will aid in your efforts to increase circulation, drain congested lymph nodes, rid the body of toxins/waste, stimulate collagen production, help with sinus issues and balance chi.

Best Practices: Use gentle pressure and apply even strokes against your skin, preferable in the direction of lymphatic flow. Use a combination of short and long strokes across the areas that need it. Read more here.

**Gua Sha is not recommended for those with rashes, sunburns, or blood coagulation issues.

Made in United States of America

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