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This kitchen brush set is the ideal cleaning set to cover all you bottle and glassware cleaning needs.

The soft cotton tip enables a thorough cleaning of the bottom corners of the jars or bottles while avoiding scratches.The brush bristles are made from sisal which comes from the agave plant and is 100% natural.

The stainless-steel wire handle is strong but flexible to allow cleaning in hard tote reach areas. The wire brushes can be bent and put back into shape.

Every size is different, please make sure to check if the bottle brushes fit in the items you wish to clean.

Small Brush
Diameter: 20 mm Length: 250 mm
Minimum entry diameter: 12 mm.
Recommended for: Baby bottles, essential oil bottles, water fountains

Medium Brush
Diameter: 30 mm Length: 300 mm
Recommended for: Beer bottles, spirit bottles, test tubes, baby bottles.

Long Brush
Diameter: 45 mm Length: 350 m
Recommended for: Drinking bottles, mason jars, carafes, vases, demijohns

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