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Resident Coffee Roasters is located in Gainesville, FL.

Coffees are freshly roasted just on the brink of a Medium Roast to achieve maximum sweetness.


Resident Coffee's signature and all-around coffee blend. This is the result of many months of experimenting and imagining what coffee can be. You can expect major sweetness, complex acidity, and a big body that is incredible on it's own or with milk.

Blend: Brazil (Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais), Ethiopia (Guji Zone, Odo Shakiso District, Tero City), Colombia (Finca San Juan, San Jose, Caldas)

Variety: Catuaí, Red + Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, Typica, and Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Natural / Washed / Anaerobic

Tastes like: Milk Chocolate, Berries, and Sweet Cola Syrup

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