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Compost Microbes

Probiotics for your soil. Making compost easy!

Ferment your food scraps with hemp and microbes and get nutrient rich compost in 2 weeks.

  • Compost all food scraps. Including meat, cheese, bones, oils and all vegetables.
  • All-natural hemp and microbes. Chemical-free soil builder that's safe for kids and pets.
  • Fast and easy compost. From kitchen counter to soil in as little as 2 weeks.


When you mix food scraps with tiny living things called microbes, something special happens. These microbes start "eating" on the food, breaking it down into simpler compounds. This process makes things like lactic acid and ethanol, which help keep the food from spoiling. Plus, it stops bad stuff like methane from getting into the air. The result is compost that's full of nitrogen, which plants really like because it helps them grow strong and healthy.

Microbes are a necessary and under-appreciated building block of our world. Without thriving microbes, soil becomes dirt, lifeless. Earthworms and the underground ecosystem suffers, as do plant roots, leading to diminished plants, less bees and butterflies, birds and onwards! By helping establish a balanced ecosystem, you can mitigate the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides - and make a positive contribution to reversing climate change.

.5 lbs of microbe and hemp blend. Good for (10) 1 gallon compost bins

>> Microbes brewed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


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