Corn Starch - by the ounce

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Argo Corn Starch is 100% pure. Along with thickening sauces, corn starch has a wide array of uses.
  • It has long been used in papers and adhesives and even pest control.
  • Swap with eggs for a vegan dessert
  • De-sting bug bites using a paste on the skin
  • Detangle pet's fur
  • Removes grease from wood
  • Ingredient in DIY deodorant and dry shampoo
  • Can help clean leather and suede
...and so much more!


  1. Mix equal parts baking soda and either arrowroot powder or cornstarch (about a heaping tablespoon each) in a small bowl until the clumps are broken down. (For light hair, you're finished!)
  2. Add a little cocoa powder (for dark hair) at a time and mix in until you've reached a shade that matches closely to your hair root color
  • Applying with a makeup brush is recommended.
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