Ecuadorian Palo Santo Sticks

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We now carry Palo Santo sticks, cones and ceramic holders by Luna Sundara! The Palo Santo tree is from and commonly used in Peru and Ecuador. It is known for its sacred properties and means 'holy wood' in Spanish. Palo Santo sticks are typically burned in smudging ceremonies and can be used to cleanse the home spiritually. A personal ritual of self-care can also be found through burning Palo Santo sticks as they can cleanse the energy in one's space and offer a comforting scent.

  • These sticks are sustainably harvested in Ecuador.

We also carry Ceramic Holders for the sticks.

To Use: Light the tip of the Palo Santo stick, letting it burn for a little under a minute and relighting as needed.

*Never leave burning Palo Santo sticks unattended

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