Facial Cleansing Bar - Brixy

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BRIXY bars were born from the idea that exceptional body care doesn't have to come in a plastic bottle. The BRIXY Blend includes a ceramide and niacinamide combo along with other science-backed premium ingredients to support a healthy skin barrier to protect against environmental stress and seal in moisture. 


Formulated to gently cleanse while delivering moisture to leave skin supple and soft to the touch. Aloe and raspberry seed oil work to soothe and hydrate dry or sensitive skin. 


Formulated with rice powder for gentle exfoliation and Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone for a youthful glow! 

Blemish Control

Formulated to clarify skin with salicylic acid that works to unclog pores and balance skin's natural oil. Castor oil and glycerin leave skin feeling hydrated, never tight or dry.

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