Funnel, Stainless Steel

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Make transferring any liquids/dry goods from pots or bulk containers into regular or wide mouth jars a breeze! Save time and product with less mess.

Narrow Spout "Spice" Funnel:

Top diameter is 2.75" and bottom opening is 3/4". Great for transferring liquids into smaller vessels... like homemade tinctures or a flask. (Pictured with 3oz Spice Jar)

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel:

With a 5.5" top diameter and 2.25" bottom opening that sits in jar, these funnels will fit regular and wide mouth Mason Jars, most pasta jars, salsa jars, etc. so feel free to use what you already have. (Pictured with 32oz Mason Jar)

  • Hot Soups
  • Bulk Dry Goods
  • DIY Bath Salts
  • Long-term Storage
  • Freezing

*Tip: Plastic-free storage in canning/repurposed food jars is a great choice for long term plastic-free storage. Overwhelmed by the canning process or not ready to invest in the right equipment? Uncooked food and pickles will stay fresher longer in a glass jar in the fridge and for long term storage, freezing jars is also an option. Pickled vegetables should be to rotate your stock within 4-6 weeks ust your nose and try When freezing be careful that you don't fill the jars all the way up and instead, leave some space at the top of the jar (1/2"-1") to allow the contents to expand as they freeze. Overfilling and then freezing glass jars *may* cause a jar explosion.

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