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For those that prefer liquid hand soap, but hate all the plastic that comes with it - a concentrated solid bar of all-natural hand soap. Just add water to make more than a gallon! of liquid hand soap that you can use to refill all of the soap dispensers in your home or office.

Please note a foaming dispenser may be preferred due to the thin consistency of the hand soap mixture.

Cut the bar into cubes. Add desired amount of cubes to storage container or soap dispenser, then add water. Let cubes dissolve completely before use.

1 bar + 128oz (1 gallon, 16 cups) water
1/2 bar + 64oz (1/2 gallon, 8 cups) water
1/4 bar + 32oz (1 quart, 4 cups) water
1/8 bar + 16oz (1 pint, 2 cups) water

  • Citrus, Lavender or Unscented
  • Makes 1+ gallon of liquid hand soap.
  • Refill pump or foam dispensers.

Ingredient Base: Coconut oil, olive oil pomace, jojoba oil, almond oil, glycerin, aloe vera, rosemary oleoresin.
French Lavender has French lavender essential oil and Citrus has wild orange and pink grapefruit essential oils.

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