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Made-up Gossip Soap Powder

Q: Why powder instead of traditional liquid soaps?

A: To decrease water shipment and reduce single-use plastics.

Every bottle of liquid soap contains at least 80% water, which means manufacturers are storing and shipping that water. Powder refills contain zero water, so they help reduce the carbon footprint associated with water shipment and storage.

Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, algin, sodium gluconate, fragrance oil, kaolin clay

Free from: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, cruelty, dyes

How it Works:

  1. Pour Water. Pour 8.5oz/25oml of very warm water into the bottle. For reference, the letter "M' indicates 8.5oz of water.
  2. Add Powder. Pour in the hand wash powder from the tube. Close the bottle with the pump.
  3. Shake It! Vigorously shake the bottle for at least one minute. Wait for a few minutes for the powder to dissolve.
  4. Enjoy. Your creamy, luxurious, and eco-friendly hand wash is ready to use.

The Made-up Gossip Glass Bottle is available here. Also available in a Starter Kit set with the Soap Powder included here.

From Made-up Gossip: Many things claimed in the personal care industry are exactly like gossip - they appear to be something completely different than initially believed.


The personal care industry drowns our planet in single-use plastics. Out of all plastics that are claimed recyclable, only 9% are actually recycled. We pollute our oceans, landfills, and air. We put our wildlife in danger and our health at risk.

As the importance of handwashing has increased, so has the number of plastic bottles dumped into our landfills. With our hand wash powder refills, you will never again have to buy liquid soap or soap refills in single-use plastic packaging.

Made-up Gossip is women-owned and located in Gainesville, FL.
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