Kraft Paper Towel, 100% Recycled

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When combined with a selection of washable/reusable towels, rags, and napkins for meal times, general wiping, and easy cleaning, these rolls will last you months and you can EASILY eliminate the need for expensive and disposable plastic-wrapped paper towels.

Core 350' - strong, 1-ply, and non-perforated to minimize waste (tear off just what you need). Made of 100% recycled fibers with a minimum of 45% post-consumer content. Core can be recycled. Roll Diameter: 5" Roll Width: 8"

Coreless 500' (600 sheets) - soft, 2-ply thickness is more absorbent than comparable 1-ply towels and perforated. Made of 100% recycled paper materials and NO core to dispose of is very eco-friendly. Roll Diameter: 7 3/4" Roll Width: 7 3/4"

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