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Resident Coffee Roasters is located in Gainesville, FL.

Both coffees are just on the brink of a Medium Roast to achieve maximum sweetness.

A LOVE LETTER TO GAINESVILLE: in collaboration with True Community Foundation and Resident Coffee Roasters.

Tastes Like: Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar, and Chocolate

True Community Foundation is working with the Board of Education within 20 states to eliminate debts and problems surrounding food insecurity for 160,000 students. We have partnered with TCF to raise funds to directly support our local Gainesville youth.

$5 From Each Bag Sold Goes To TCF’s Local Fund

You can find more about what TCF is doing and how you can help on their website —

A seasonal coffee from:

  • Producer: Alex Sandro Silva Santana
  • Region: Piatã, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
  • Elevation Grown: 1500-1950 meters
  • Varietal: Red Catuaí
  • Process: Pulped Natural


Tastes Like: Blackberries, Cola, Lemon Candy, and Strawberries

We’re so excited to bring you this incredible Peruvian coffee from Walther Acuña for a second year in a row! This coffee is a living example of our commitment to partner long-term with producers. It remains our biggest commitment to a single producer (around 3,500 total lbs!!), and man are we proud of it. This year we’re seeing big quality increases in the cup with a ton more nuance and vibrancy. We haven’t been able to stop sipping and we know that you feel the same way.

Mr. Walther Acuña, is a 45-year-old producer who lives with his wife Angelita Lizana and his three minor children in La Coipa. He has two parcels of farm land, the first, named El Mirador was purchased in 2005 and the second, named Los Cedros, was purchased in 2007. At the El Mirador farm he grows bourbon, caturra and pache; and at Los Cedros he grows yellow bourbon, bourbon, and caturra.

All coffee on his farms is hand harvested from ripe coffee cherry trees. Once picked, the coffee is placed in bags and allowed to ferment for 24hrs. Once the coffee is pulped, the coffee undergoes a second 18hr fermentation to ensure all mucilage is removed. The coffee is then put to dry on African coffee beds for 20-25 days, depending on the local weather.

  • Region: La Coipa, Cajamarca, Peru
  • Elevation Grown: 1850MASL
  • Varietal: Mixed— Caturra, Bourbon, & Pache
  • Process: Fully Washed

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