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Astatula Candle Co. is a woman-owned, small batch business based in Old Seminole Heights, Tampa, Florida.

Directions: Do not leave unattended in a room. For best results, burn a new candle 3-4 hours in order to get an even melt pool of wax to the edges of the jar. Please keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" in order to get the most time and safety out of your candle and prevent any smoking.

Burn time 20 hours.

Tins are reusable. Use them to store small things like miscellaneous buttons, paperclips, cotton balls, etc. or feel free to return the tin to Life Unplastic for reuse.


Florida Orange Blossom: Delicate orange blossoms, jasmine, rose and wild honeysuckle. A light and floral scent. Inspired by memories of balmy Florida evenings and soft breezes through an open window.

Kumquat + Clover Leaf:
Sweet citrus fruit with undertones of green clover and herbs. Bright, sweet, herbal and green.

Mermaid Bay: Notes of cucumber, oak moss, sandalwood, fig, jasmine, grapefruit and cedar. Inspired by the beauty of the sea and the mythic mermaid, this fragrance is soft, light, fresh, herbaceous and aquatic.

Blackthorn + Cypress: Dark, damp and rich soil, trampled leaves underfoot, a cool wind that whistles in the trees, the whine of a rusty cemetery gate. An Earthy, green and spicy fragrance with blackthorn berry, cypress, cedar, amber, myrrh, peppercorn and oakmoss. It’s so good. A strange blend of complex softness and mystery.

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