The Refillery


What’s most distinctive about Life Unplastic is our full-service refillery! Simply order at the counter (or online!) and we take care of the rest.

Wait Times and Large Orders: Depending on  how busy the shop is at the moment, it can take some time to get your order refilled. If you do not have time to wait, please consider preordering on the web store and/or dropping off containers to pick up later.


**If you want to know more about any refill products, their “labels” exist digitally – ingredients, instructions, and other info are detailed under each product in the web store.

**Your containers can be glass, plastic, or fabric bags. We are genuinely not picky and just excited you are refilling, but wider mouthed containers are sometimes a smidge easier with our scoops.

**It’s ok if there is still some product inside your container, we’ll tare out the weight and only charge you for the product we dispense. As far as food items are concerned please consider the First In First Out Method.

**It’s ok if you don’t want to bring your own containers.
We have a stockpile of community donated  jars that we clean and sanitize. Donate them back at a later date for future refilling. We can also put dry goods into paper bags if that is your preference.

**Don’t feel nervous about not knowing what fits in the container or how much to order. There is no right or wrong answer just a slight learning curve, you’ll be an expert in no time! We are happy to fill a jar all the way, halfway, etc. or we can figure out what $$¬†amount is within your budget – it’s up to you!¬†