Book - The Waste-Free World: How the Circular Economy Will Take Less, Make More, and Save the Planet

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Explore the Circular Economy and how it could create a Waste-Free World by Ron Gonen.

The way we currently produce and "dispose" of waste is simply unsustainable. We are creating trash islands in the ocean and stripping essential nutrients from the soil by in our take-make-waste economy. However, this reality can change if we learn about and employ tactics to create an economy that can sustain itself.

  • Learn about ground-breaking innovations that can help us create a circular economy and a sustainable future.
  • As an investor and CEO, Ron Gonen introduces this growing movement and discusses a prosperous future where we can invest in sustainable innovations that make sense.
  • Gain tips on how to make a change in your own waste production!

The circular economy discussed in this book is important because even though we through our trash away, there is no "away," only other elements of the environment being degraded. This book is a call to action for "closed-loop" systems that would prevent waste of natural resources and provide benefits to us all.

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