Dishwasher Pods, Lemon - by the ounce

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3 pods per 1 ounce. Ordering 1 pound (16oz) of pods will yield 48 pods.

  • Compact & Efficient
  • No measuring
  • Dye-Free
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Phosphate-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Compatible with rinse aids
  • Designed to fit all machines - even compact apartment dishwasher models
  • Formulate for all temps: hot, warm, and energy-saving cold water

How to Use:

  • Add your dishes - no pre-wash needed
  • Place pod in dishwasher dispenser
  • Choose your wash cycle

Oxygen-Based Bleach Agents
A natural process called oxidation is what makes these dishwasher detergent pods efficient. Oxygen based bleach is effective at cleaning and removing stains, and less aggressive than chlorine based bleach. Oxygen based bleaches attack the structure of the stain or soil residue to help whisk it away down your drain.

Stain Fighters
Added enzymes in Dropps detergents fight stubborn stains. Enzymes are molecules that target the removal of one type of molecule, like proteins or starch. Dropps uses a blend of enzymes, including protease (a protein seeker) and amylase (a starch seeker) for best results.

Pod Membrane
The pod is made from a water soluble casing called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH), which dissolves upon contact with water and is consumed by microorganisms.
Find out more about PVOH here.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate (processing aid)*, sodium percarbonate (oxidant)*, Itaconic acid co AMPS (polymer)* trisodium citrate dihydrate (chelating agent)*, alkoxylated alcohol (surfactant)*, subtilisin (protease enzyme)*, silicic acid (chelating agent)*, tetraacetylethylenediamine (oxidant)*, alpha amylase (enzyme)*, fragrance, polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) (synthetic water soluble film). *Denotes plant or mineral origin. INGREDIENT DISCLOSURE

Dropps ships to Life Unplastic in compostable packaging and partners with 3Degrees to offsets the carbon from every shipment. This year alone they have offset over 650 metric tons.

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