Natural Shower Pouf, Ramie

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If you prefer the shower pouf experience, the typical option is generally mesh plastic.

Granted, they're cheap to make and cheap to buy, but the environmental cost is considerable. Adding up to lots and lots of unrecycleable, tiny mesh plastic being introduced to our environment. Plus the resources, and perpetuation of the oil and plastic industries.

Consider one of these natural poufs instead, made from ramie. Ramie is a flowering plant in the nettle family and can be spun into natural fibers. The texture is similar to linen, making these poufs softer than their plastic counterparts when wet, with a very luxurious lather. Ramie is also resistant to mildew, an important benefit in wet conditions.

Care: Hang to dry thoroughly between uses. Kill bacteria and extend the life of the sponge by soaking in white vinegar once a week.

Made in USA

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